Mother Nature has blessed us with another 16" of heavy wet snow, with more in localized places. Groomers from Skowhegan all the way up through were out in full force last night laying down the fresh snow.


In Bingham:

ITS 87 and ITS 84 were groomed as of last night as well as all connector trails. We are anticipating the Wind Farm trail to be groomed this evening.

In Solon:

ITS 87 had been groomed and new signage put up for the ITS 87 detour for the remainder of the season. If traveling north on ITS 87, once coming off the Mccarthy Rd and traveling through the section of standing pine trees, you will be detoured to the side of 201 north to Griswold's as the land owner behind the store has closed that connection to the Solon Superette indefinitely!

Please stay on an follow the designated trail down the edge of 201 to Griswold's, where you cross the road and follow the new trail through the Evergreen's Campground. When you come to the road, you will turn left and travel across the Solon bridge. Once on the other side you will veer slightly to the right, and travel up the driveway until you run into the ITS 84 intersection which is only about 100' from the start of the driveway off Rt 201A. From there you will want to take a right to continue on ITS 87 north where you will cross the Solon Dam and then be back in familiar territory and the original ITS 87, where the Valley Riders Club starts their maintenance. You can still access the Solon Superette from this side for fuel.

In Madison:

ITS 87 has been groomed to its Skowhegan Sno-Hawks border at Ken's Family Restaurant. Club trails are reported to be being groomed this evening.

The snow is very soft and warmer temps through Friday will keep them soft. Friday night it appears the temperature will fall out for the next several nights allowing trails to set up nice and firm before next weeks storm. Some are forecasting the potential for another substantial storm, but as of now is looking 1-3" for 3 days in a row!

Hope to see you out there til April! That being said now is a great time to get some riding in. It appeared that last weekend was the big push for one last ride, and the general consensus among the riding community is that they are ready for spring. This will mean less traffic and better trail conditions for those willing to ride the winter out.

Ride right and be safe!