Well as of Monday 2.14 the trails were rock hard and fast. We did notice that the inside corners were the worst as it was too hard for the drag to be effective. 2.15.22 we mad a run on ITS 87 to the Dam and Forks turn around and again saw very little improvement, with nothing to really work with. Hence the biggest oissue of the week has been over heating.

Well after yesterdays warm temps and last nights pouring rain, I am happy to say that we were not wiped out and there is still riding to be had. We did definitely take a hit especially in town and wooded sections but roads and railbed still have plenty of coverage. The issue remains that the groomers have little to nothing to work with to remove bumps, and provide lubrication for slides. Riders are going to have to continuously get off the trail to find loose snow to get into their cooling system and ice scratchers are going to be more than highly recommended.

We sent our groomers out today at 12pm, Forks was headed out at 2pm, and last we heard from Jackman was they were possibly going to hit in town tonight, but hold off til tomorrow night before hitting the majority of the system. Wish them all the best of luck and keep your eye open if you are out on the trails.

We will try to provide a full updated trail report tomorrow evening. Most riders today have only said conditions were icy, but no other real complaints from renters and owners other than a few overheating issues.

Ride right and ride safe!