Well we have great news to report. All surrounding clubs (Solon, N. Anson, Kingsbury and the Forks) were out last night layingdown the trails with the new snow. Still hard to get an accurate depth due to all the wind blowing the snow around but we are thinking we got about 8" of fresh fluffy snow. So it didn't set up the best last night, but with any luch a little moisture will help us set up well before the upcoming storms. Right now they are calling for 5-8" Thursday night and again on Friday. Due to the late start of the storm Thursday and warmer temps we most likely will hold off grooming until Friday night, as much as we would like to be out Thursday.

Other than the snow being a little softer than preferred, the trails came out great with the new snow. Obviously our early season work paid off in the arears that were wind swept, but the woods are now in good shape and we have snow to continue to work with and more on the way. Both machines were out last night and each put in 14hrs, allowing our entire system to be groomed out last night.

ITS 87:

Excellent shape, but Chase Pond Rd that was plowed, came out good but is still a little thin, but the Ripple Rd (shared) section came out really well.

ITS 84:

Excellent shape.

All 3 Connectors:

Excellent shape, including up to Tower 1 lookout.

Windmill Trail:

This trail is now in great shape with the new snow. The powerline sections still have a bump or 2 that we need a little more snow and a few more grooming sessions and it will be in excellent shape, but has more than sufficeint coverage now!

Palmer Pond Rd:

Smoke Show!!!

New Hayden Pond Rd:

Open, groomed and in excellent shape connecting the Palmer Pond Rd and the Wind Towers!

It's time folks....get out there and ride!