Well I hate to be the one to post bad news but......it looks like that's a wrap here in Bingham. With the anticipation of rain in the forecast tomorrow we have parked the groomer for the season.

On Monday we did a staff ride in 50 degree weather where we found the trails to start the same as they did for the weekend, 5 mi out the trails were great, but showing bare spots within. Once entering into Northern Outdoors system, we were surprised to see more and more bare spots. All were able to navigate around though.

After stopping at the Hawk's Nest for lunch, we were instructed to go back down to ITS 87 and take Cry Baby Hill bypass trail to avoid some bare spots on 87 we found to be actually minimal on our return. Once connecting back on ITS 87 we traveled south just back to the 15 Mile Stream trail, crossing Rt 201 there and then heading to Grand Falls on ITS 86. Conditions were great on the 15 Mile Stream connector, but quickly change when following 86 to Grand Falls with alot of bare spots that you were able to drive around but there were numerous spots. 

After returning from Grand Falls we traveled 8 mi to Coburn Mtn. Around the mountain and to the summit there was great coverage until taking the Johnson connector back to Rt 201 which presented good conditions but yet again more bare spots than we imagined.

As we headed back to Bingham you could see where some of the same places we had traveled through in the morning had gotten worse, while other still were in the same shape.

So there is still riding to be had, but you will either need to trail up Rt 16, or head out from town realizing that its not going to be pretty. Another option is of course to come to town, see what you think, and worst case scenario, head to Jackman for a ride and enjoy the RMR XC race at Long Pond on Saturday.

It is a sad ending to a short lived winter, but we thank everyone for riding this season and supporting our cause!