It's the first day of Spring and we are still in great shape despite last weeks warm temps and little bit of rain. The Poker Run and Rider Appreciation Weekend went off without a hitch, with right around 60 participants allowing us to raise $1537.50 for the Valley Riders Snowmobile Club. Special thanks to all those who participated and a huge thanks to all the contributing businesses. Yesterday we closed the doors and had our company day with staff, and found trails to be in good shape. Road crossings are definitely getting bare, and in about every clubs system, there is a 1 bare spot not associated with plowed roads which are also down to dirt in most places. It is really hard to nail down an accurate report but the best summary is there is varying conditions from trail to trail and day to day. Groomers have still been out and about at least 3 times a week, but traffic has been making an impact. In the mornings trails have been very had not softening until 1030am to 11am, which is when the bumps are getting formed. All and all the riding is still good, but if you are expecting perfect trails....well we will see you next season. The upcoming weather is showing so rain but also the potential for either 2"-4" or 5"-8" of snow depending on the report before it is all done. Warm temps on Sunday, then it should cool back down. So if you got to get another trail ride in this weekend is the time to do it, with good potential to get another ride in next weekend. From what we have heard, Northern Outdoors will continue to groom through 3.31.19 assuming conditions allow it, as well as Coburn Summit Riders. I have not heard from the Solon Snowhawks or Abanaki Snowriders, but I can tell you that Solon trails all and all are in good shape with 2'-3' of snow still left in wooded sections. Our club should follow suit with the others, we will continue to groom at least twice a week if not 3 as long as conditions allow it. Stay safe, ride sober and stay on the right side of the trail!