Well mother nature is finally shining on us now. After a late start, we received a 12" storm last week that brought riders from everywhere to the Rte 201 corridor. Trails were in great shape for the weekend from Bingham to Jackman, Eustis to Greenville, but were quickly met with heavy traffic causing rougher conditions through the weekend. Groomers are working extremely hard to keep up with good trail conditions, thought a little more snow would certainly help with that battle. We did receive 3" of wet snow last night that did help make a difference, but did not process as well in the drag as it should as the temps drop the next few nights.

Last night we got ITS 87 completely groomed from the Solon Dam to the turn around where we meet the Forks. It appeared they had also been down to meet us. This was also done on Friday night.

Saturday night ITS 84 to the powerline on Mahoney Hill where we meet Athens was done, the Lake Rd connector trail to Withee Pond then out to the wind towers was completed....and great news Kingsbury Offgrid Groomers was finally able to connect with us as well allowing access to Abbot, Breakneck Ridge and Greenville! With what fuel and time was left, the connector closest to town that links ITS 87 (the Jack Pine section) and ITS 84 (on Mahoney Hill) was also completed.

Throughout the weekend, riders were reporting that our trails were in the best shape anywhere they had been considering the amount of traffic on the trail. Our plan for now is to hold off til the the weekend unless more snow gets here before then. So the only thing trail that did get packed frm the strom, but not groomed after the weekend traffic was the Iron Gate Rd.

Keep doing your snow dances, and maybe we will be riding through April!