Well we have been quite busy since our last report but have done a little riding and we have received some fresh snow just in time for vacation week of 12"-15" after a warm up and some light rain.

As of Friday night the trails had not been groomed due to warmer temps and light rain that evening, making Saturday not so pleasant come the end of the day. Since then ITS 84 and ITS 87 were groomed on Saturday evening and are in good shape. As of last night, the rest of the system should have been groomed to include the Wind Towers and lower Palmer Pond road connecting from the Austin Stream bridge off Dead Water road to the Wind Farm, Breakneck Ridge and Bald Mtn trail system.

Grooming schedule is currently off, as the club has used up its grant funding money and is in desperate need for donations to fund grooming for the rest of the season. As an effort put forth, Carol Lavallee of Lavallee's garage rallied the troops. So far the following contributions have been made:

Lavallee's Garage = $250, Valley Auto Parts = $250, 201 PowerSports = $500, Bingham General Store = $500, Jimmy's Market = $500, North Country Rivers = $500 and Crestview Kennels of Bedford, MA = $100. We are hoping more to come in soon, but we can use all the help we can get to get back to the 5 days schedule!


ITS 87 North:

Is groomed in good shape and has good coverage.

ITS 87 South:

Groomed all the way to Skowhegan and has been in great shape with limited traffic the last few days!

ITS 84 East:

Is groomed and in great shape all the way to the power line section where you would meet the Solon and Athens clubs.

ITS 84 West:

Also groomed to the Solon Dam from our club is in great shape. We have been told it is excellent riding all the way over to Kingfield and beyond.

Wind Mill Trail:

From ITS 84 taking a left on what some call the Sunshine trail and others the old upper Lake Rd that was closed for most of ATV season, is open groomed and in great shape all the way to the Palmer Pond Rd intersection, and continues to where we meet Northern Outdoors just past Austin Lake as well as back to ITS 87 at the Austin Stream bridge. Bald Mtn trail is now open and being groomed regularly. Breakneck Ridge was in excellent shape this past Saturday on our guided trip, and offered some old school pip drag loops that no one had been on.

Town Line Rd:

We have now got this back for the rest of the season. If coming from ITS 84 over to ITS 87 you will come to the road and take a left down the edge of the road to access the Town Line rd that is being plowed all the way to Dead Water rd. Please be sure to take the left off Town Line rd about a mile down so that you intersect ITS 87 where you are supposed to and not run the plowed road all the way to Dead Water.

Iron Gate Rd:

This trail is open but not groomed by our club. With the right conditions it can be a rocket ship ride with sections over a mile straight as an arrow. The first part of it has been groomed to the Stagecoach rd but has not beyond that connecting the Wind Mill trail as work projects still exist on that side.

Lexington/Highlanders clubs:

We have been being told these trails have been being maintained regularly as of late and are in great shape with limited traffic.

As always, ride right, ride sober and ride safe!