Probably do not need to here it from us but the trails are in good shape after this weekends storm. Groomers will be out this week as will Coburn Summit Riders and Pittston Farms.

Trails are flat and fast with no real icy spots and no rocks or exposures to speak of. There is a couple inches of snow forcasted throughout this week and a sizable storm on its way in for the weekend.

If you haven't been out and have had the itch, come up and see us! We did a short ride yesterday in and around Long Pond all the way down to Lake Parlin and back up ITS 89 north to town and conditions were better than last weekend with more coverage, no bare spots and plenty of fresh snow on top for lubrication.

We are hoping to get back out this week and provide a more detailed report before the weekend.

Ride right, ride safe and think snow!