Well another year is almost here! Sorry for the delay, I know everyone wants to know what is going on in Bingham, ME for trail conditions and I just figured out how to do this on the new website.

Anyway the long and short of it is that we have received 2 storms that amounted to any sort of accumulation. This last storm added a thin layer of crust, settling snow but also holding it down. Currently about 6″ exist, with varying amounts up Rt 201 to as much as about 10″ at Lake Parlin Lodge.

Groomers have yet to move, but are anxiously awaiting the 2017-18 season. Please keep in mind that most of Maine’s ice is no where near safe at this point, and many establishments have yet to open. Contact the local club of the area that you “have to” ride in before you go out to keep land owners happy and you out of trouble.

Think snow and stay tuned…it’s going to be another great season!


Took some of my good ole’ friends from New Jersey on a first time experience for all of us. These guys have been coming up here to ride since the beginning of the trail system and have ridden many parts of this state and in a few others. We took off yesterday in search of Kingfield, ME on the new connector trail from Happy Horseshoe Campground. We all had ridden to the campground in the past from Bingham, ME which provides tar roads, moderately challenging rocky sections, 2 mud holes that never dry up and logging road system.

Once committing to the new trail in the Kingfield Quad Runner trail system, we all agreed that this was the real deal trail riding. Trail the entire way, very challenging rock climbs, mud and rutted sections and very steep terrain. We had lunch at Longfellow’s and refueled at Annie’s next door and stopped for an ice cream at the campground on the way back. Round trip with breaks in between was an 8hr ride and a total of 86 miles.

Trails have turned very dusty, but with today’s ran and overcast conditions the next few days, they should be back in good shape.

Also like to give shout out and thanks to the Moose Alley Riders club who recently obtained a bush hog and trimmed back the rail bed all the way to the Solon Dam along the river. Thank you very much!


So, the trails in Bingham, ME officially opened last Friday just in time for Memorial Weekend! It seemed that many were enthused to be here with numerous machines and people cover in mud after the rain came just days before. There were so many riders in the area had it not been for the lack of snow, you would have sworn it was Reciprocal Weekend in January. Riders were coming from all different directions exploring this year’s expanding trail system.

The old Kingsbury loop from Dead Water to Palmer Pond road has been reopened this year, giving folks that didn’t make it up this winter or aren’t fans of the cold the opportunity to ride through portions of our local Windmill Project.

We have confirmed that Poppa Jo’s is open for the season and ready to serve you. Check them out on Facebook and stop in for some homemade dessert, you won’t regret it.


Well the majority of snow is gone with the exception of some wooded sections and the ice is turning darker and darker. However, the ground is still very wet and frost is still letting go in a few places. ATV trails are still NOT OPEN in Bingham, ME nor are any of the Moose Ally Riders trail system. We urge folks to please respect land owner and state wishes and just be patient for the start of the season!

When is that going to be??? The general answer is June 1st and in an ideal scenario shooting for Memorial Weekend. But the fact remains that trail and road systems need to be in firm enough condition not to disturb the lands structure. Typically, in the past we have been fortunate enough to get the rail bed open for what is obviously a short rider with not a lot of options, but gives us the chance to get out early and enjoy the beautiful river scenery. JUST TO BE CLEAR IT IS NOT OPEN NOW!

We will keep folks posted on the latest information and trail openings when we find out more!


Sorry for the delay and lacking of presence as we have been preparing for summer!

Staff trip on Tuesday went well with good conditions and very mushy snow. Went to the northern most portion of our trail system for a cook out on Bald Mtn pond and found great coverage and conditions with the exception of the bare spot that has existed the last couple of weeks.
That night trails froze up hard and left some rigidity in the trails through Wed and Thursday.
Yesterday, riders Brandon Hamilton and Deven West rode from Solon heading towards Parlin Pond. They reported good conditions with enough lubrication even without picks, with the exception of the rail bed in town.
Short version is this could be the last decent weekend but riders will experience plowed roads and bare spots trying to make destinations.
Moxie road heading into the Forks was muddy on Sunday destroying carbides and skis. Bingham, the Forks and Parlin Pond systems have all been grooming and will continue to through the weekend. Depending on conditions grooming will continue to happen in an attempt to get next weekend as well but most clubs will do their last run on the night of 3/31.
That being said this may be our last trail report of the season. We would like to thank everyone for your support and efforts that provided us a rewarding experience and positive start to our first year!
We want to thank you for your business and hope to see you this summer in our new fleet of ATV’s and SXS’s, but if not, we are sure we will see you next season.
Ride til the end, and ride safe!


Groomer tried going out today at 1 to 2 o’clock and found that he had to wait till the temperatures cooled off.

We received 12 to 14 inches of light fluffy snow that with today’s sunshine and upper 30 degree temps is settling nicely.

Cold evening temp should set up the trails nicely for this weekend!

Watch for icy spots as traffic builds as there was some glare ice patches that had built over the last week.

Broke trail around the Iron Gate Rd and then follow the snow cat tracks through the wind mill project to the top which is more passable then before but thin to bare for about 100yds.

Ride safe and we’ll see you this weekend!



Had a fantastic lunch with our friends at Spring Creek BBQ Maine in Monson. Trails were fantastic and so was the group!

Thanks again for a great day, hope the boys had a great time!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s spring riding but manageable. 40+ miles of good coverage, flat trails and plenty of lubrication. You do have to pick and choose your routes, but stop at the store and get a pack of hot dogs and do a cook out on the trail!


So, here’s the scoop. Trails are still in good shape. We were not to heavily affected by the rain and fog from yesterday. Trails are very hard, flat and fast!

Traffic and tonight’s grooming should help break it up, but picks and ice scratches will be helpful this weekend. And we should be able to get through next weekend.

Really the only way in and out of town is ITS 84 east toward Athens and then take either the Heart of Gold trail that goes by the first set of windmills, or take the Iron Gate Rd rocket ship ride. Bother of these will bring you to the head of the new Windmill trail that Dr. Dave plans on grooming tonight.

When getting to the top of the Windmill project with the nice view, you will have to stay on the side avoiding 100yds of exposure. Other than that, the picture of water running down the trail isn’t even in our system, but I took it to remind people that we are dealing with spring riding conditions and you must use caution. There is still water running under the trails in places and most ditches. There were also a few ice patches exposed on a few corners.

All and all trails still have plenty of coverage except for plowed sections. ITS 87 through the log yard 8mi out of town up to the Palmer Pond Rd is still a 6mi section of plowed road but is open for travel. I’m told that the bank on the Palmer Pond road can still be ridden avoiding some gravel.

We have 13 pairs of ice scratches on the shelf…get them while their hot!


So, my wife Mallory Newton and I left here at 8pm last night, traveled down the rail bed of ITS 87 to the Frank Savage Rd ITS 84 intersection and followed ITS 84 all the way through Athens and into Canaan to Morrill Pond to visit a friend whose garage roof caved in!


After that we back tracked on ITS 84 to Athens where we picked up ITS 113 that connects back to ITS 87 just south of Solon. We back tracked as we had heard that the Burrill Woods and Notch area roads were all plowed. Once we hit ITS 87 from there we are only about 5 miles from our homes just outside of the Solon Snowhawks Club where they turn around @ Rt 43.

Riders Jeni Dwyer Mather and George Mather reported taking the Breakneck Ridge trail yesterday from the Wind Mill trail over to Monson to have lunch with the kids a Spring Creek BBQ Pit also known as the Blind Dog Saloon and having excellent trail conditions.

I’M TELLING YOU THE TRAILS ARE STILL IN VERY GOOD SHAPE!!! WE STILL HAVE AT LEAST 2 WEEKS OF RIDING! Yes, grooming has been spotty with these warmer temps, but the only rough parts of the trail was from settlement. There was still very good coverage with only 1 bare spot. Water is starting to run and could play havoc if warm temps continue past Saturday.

My thoughts are, get through the weekend and enjoy the warm riding. Next week the temps will drop back down allowing for more grooming helping extend the running out budgets of the clubs. With more snow on the way we urge you to donate to a local club that you ride in. Please feel free to stop in the shop to make donations for the Valley Riders Club.

Be safe and we will see you out there!


Well I have heard good and bad. Not sure what there is to complain about…there is great coverage still as far as the fields of the Skowhegan area that get the most exposure. Groomers are going out when they can with these warm temps, but again what’s wrong with riding in a long sleeve shirt with no coat!!!

ITS 87 was groomed last night with ITS 84 and the club trails the night before. The snow is very dense and not that slippery on the corners.

The Town Line Rd is one of the best trails currently to the new Wind Mill trail is the best route in and out of town though the nice open view at the top of the Wind Mill project is down to gravel, but this route avoids somewhere in the neighborhood of 6-8miles of plowed rd on ITS 87. For those who know about the Cow Mtn rd and it linking back into the old ITS 87, I hear there is plenty of snow and though it is not being maintained it is an option to cut the plowed rd travel in half. You will pick up ITS 87 just north of the Moxie Mtn look out trail where you will find groomed trail through Pleasant Pond minus the short stretch by the camps that is always plowed. Other than that these warm temps have produced a washout or two so be on your game!