Snow Adventures in Bingham, The Forks, and Jackman, ME


Certainly our most popular trip! Have the opportunity to see a wide variety of landscape, while stopping at one of our favorite trail side establishments for lunch. Depending on the group and riding experience, folks can look forward to riding as little as 90mi and as many as 160mi. Make sure to bring camera and sense of adventure!

Starting at $500

1 Guide

Half Day: $175
Full Day: $250


These trips are great for riders wanting a little more than a taste of operating a snowmobile. Mountainous views and different trail systems allow opportunities for the beginner and novice riders. Bring your family or bring a friend. These trips typically cover between 50mi and 80mi depending on the group and level of experience.

Starting at $400

2 Guides

Half Day: $350
Full Day: $500

*Guide fees are based upon 1 guide per 5 machines.

Multi-day Packages

Vacationer (2 Days)starting at $650  includes 1 overnight fee

Vacationer (2 Days)

starting at $650
includes 1 overnight fee

Adventurer (2.5 Days)starting at $925includes 2 overnight fees

Adventurer (2.5 Days)

starting at $925
includes 2 overnight fees

True Rider (3 Days)starting at $900overnight fees waived

True Rider (3 Days)

starting at $900
overnight fees waived