Well even with this weeks weather it was a busy weekend for us, delaying this update. Through the weekend riders reported conditions getting better and better. Groomers have been out in full force, and have done a nice job pulling what snow they could back into the trail.

2 sleds we rented out today reported the conditions to be pretty good and they had come across minimal bare spots in the trail and little to no icy conditions except for the very top of the Wind Farm trail. They said as they day wore on and more snow fell the conditions just go better and better.

As of this morning it did not appear as though the Solon club had groomed yet, though I may be mistaken. However I did just see a Facebook post of the Abenaki Snow Riders club in Madison showing both groomers out on the trail working this fresh snow in. I anticipate all other clubs including ours will be out this evening and possibly tomorrow evening getting everything back into shape for the upcoming weekend!

The following weekend we will be hosting our 1st Annual Rider Appreciation Weekend, March 10th and 11th! We will be providing a Free BBQ Lunch from 11am-3pm both days. Hot dogs will be available for roasting on the fire out back, or come in and get it ready to go. There a will also be prizes and give away’s from the many local business donation’s, as well as 50/50 raffle to benefit the Valley Riders snowmobile club. 2019 club memberships will also be available and all donations will go to the Valley Riders club!

By sled or by car, you don’t want to miss out on this weekend just for you! Follow us on Facebook at 201 PowerSports for more updates and details!

Just in case you can’t make it thank you for riding our trail system!