Well 2″-3″ of fresh snow has fallen in the last 24hrs, putting a nice coating of fresh lubricant on our trails.

All Valley Riders SC trails were groomed at the end of last weekend and are in great shape. There is still the occasional loose rock exposed so be mindful.

ITS 87 north toward the Forks is thin for the first 8mi but has good coverage and is as flat as can be considering conditions. From that point to where we meet the Forks is flat and fast with excellent coverage.

ITS 87 south is groomed and in fantastic shape all the way to the Solon Dam. Pretty rough and thin if continuing toward the Solon Superette, but should be taken care of with 1 pass from the groomer.

ITS 84 east toward Athens was groomed and fantastic all the way to the end of Mahoney Hill.

IRON GATE RD…It is being groomed again this year!!! This trail hasn’t been groomed for about a week but is fairly flat with excellent coverage. You will find some studder bumps that are very manageable, and still allow you to hit 100mph while going around that rocket ship loop with spots you can see for 2mi. If you have ever checked this trail out we highly recommend it. From ITS 84 at the end of Mahoney Hill Rd it will loop you around to the Wind Mill trail intersection and connector back to ITS 87. Feel free to stop in the shop for directions.

Sunshine trail to Withee Pond trail is in fantastic shape as always. When continuing back to ITS 87 you will notice that the Town Line Rd did finally get plowed down to Dead Water but still has good coverage on it.

The other club connector closest to town has also been recently groomed and in great shape, offering our tightest and windiest trail in our club system.

The Wind Mill trail is still in good shape as well. Grooming efforts flattened the trail back out and make this a great route. The very top has gotten thin, but is covered. It is however very icy at Tower 30, which is the big lookout bluff most people are familiar with.

Breakneck Ridge trail has been being groomed and I was told was in great shape!

Finally…not bashing, but I did go through the Forks system from Austin Pond to the Bald Mountain trail and then headed left on the Pleasant Pond trail and followed ITS 87 south back to the shop. Coverage was good but their trail system was very bumpy. It appears that they did not groom at the end of last weekend, but possibly got a late start last night as I came through the Pleasant Pond intersection at 5:30pm putting out trail signs and had no groomer sightings. Coverage was actually still quite good, trails just needed a pass with the groomer. Even though is was bumpy and somewhat annoying,it was also tolerable. Do be careful if you come across other sections like this that did not get groomed at the end of last weekend as the corners very quite icy even with picks.

If you are up this way and either need or want some new gear, helmets, gloves ETC stop in and see us. From now through the rest of the season we are offering 20% off any gear related item (coat, bibs, gloves, boots and helmets) or 30% off 3 items or more!

See you on the trails!